Dental Implants in Plymouth & Minneapolis, MN

Types of Dental Implant Restorations

At  Metropolitan Prosthodontics we have a wide variety of options when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

Since dental implants are only the artificial “roots” that set into your mouth, choosing the right type of implant restoration is essential to helping you achieve your long-term and immediate oral health goals. 

Single Tooth Crowns

When you only need to replace one individual tooth, then a dental implant with a ceramic crown is usually the best option. Placing a crown over your implant makes the overall restoration look and feel more like a natural tooth than any other type of prosthesis in modern dentistry. 

Multiple Tooth Dental Bridges

In the past, 3 or 4 missing teeth in a row usually meant having to wear a removable partial denture. Conventional bridges that span from one tooth to the next simply cannot last if they cover a wide space and rely on natural teeth for support. Fortunately, an implant-supported bridge can. 

With implant bridges, it’s possible to replace several teeth in a row with as little as two dental implants supporting it; one on either end. If the bridge is longer, additional implants can be added as well. 

Implant-Supported Overdentures

If you prefer the affordability of a traditional denture but want the option of keeping it secure throughout the day, you may want to consider an overdenture. 

Overdentures are dentures with special locators that snap onto as few as 2-4 implants to keep them in place. But at night they’re removable and easy to care for. Using implants to stabilize them throughout the day prevents the need to use gooey adhesives or strips. 

Secured Implant/Hybrid Designs

Popular implant-supported hybrid dentures like “All-on-4” treatments allow you to enjoy a full arch restoration option that’s permanently attached in place. There are no removable bridges or partials to take in and out. 

Designs like an All-on-4 use just 4-6 dental implants (strategically placed in your mouth) to permanently anchor a long, hybrid denture-bridge prosthesis. Because of the streamlined design, the restoration takes up less space in your mouth. It’s easier to eat or talk with than a bulkier removable denture. 

Protecting Your Investment

As a dental implant provider, we want to ensure that your experience is one that meets both your immediate and long-term oral health needs. To prevent damage or wear to your new restoration, it’s important to care for it as you would your natural smile. 

We recommend wearing protective mouthguards if you are an athlete or tend to clench your teeth. Scheduling regular checkups will ensure that we can carefully monitor and evaluate any changes in your smile so that issues can be intercepted as early on as possible. 

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